August 2014

Last month was both interesting and a bit boring. I invested in new thing which on the otherhand affect negatively on future stock savings.

ETF and low cost funds

First, I started a monthly no commission saving for iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETF and secondly I started a monthly no commission saving for two index funds (Sweden and Norway). This way I can get a more diversified portfolio quite easily and with low costs. And I don't have to use so much cash now. Although the sums are not big monthly, 60/20/20 euros for now, saving from 10 to 20 years to these, I would imagine the pot will be quite nice.

Although the broker I use doesn't take commissions, of course there are normal issuer's commissions. But still, I think this is a good deal.


I August, total dividends were 17,50$. 10,42$ from Realty Income and the rest from Procter & Gamble. Not bad, but I would like the total to be 100 times what it was. Nice goal.

Otherwise, I bought a new Macbook Air and was not able to save so much that I was hoping for. Well, besides the ETFs and funds, zero. This was planned for later, but the old Macbook doesn't charge at all anymore so I had no choice.