Exxon Mobile and Kinder Morgan

This week was a good one. With cheap costs and the amount I have in use per month, I can buy multiple stocks at Degiro. Even when I like to keep the cost percent under one.

I did have a little bit extra in use, so I bought 7 stocks more SPHD, 2 stocks of Exxon Mobile, 5 stocks of Kinder Morgan and 5 stocks of Advanced Energy Industries.

For the stocks, costs were 0,51 euros each and for SPHD ETF, 2,01 euros. Compared to what I've used to, this is great!

Exxon Mobile

Exxon Mobile is an oil and gas company which kind has been missing from my portfolio. It has been raising it's dividend quite a long time: Exxon dividend history. Revenue has been going down probably due to low oil prices, but I think it will go up again eventually. So this is an investment for the long run.

Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan is an infrastructure company which complements Exxon. It's dividend history is not so long, but still has been raising it steadily.