How did April 2015 go?


Realty Income payed a raised dividend 0.1895 from 0.1890. General Electric payed a normal dividend of 0.23.

Progress of growing dividens

The goal of 20$ dividend per month is still a distance away. I've been thinking if 30 SPHD ETF's would do it after bying AEP, but it doesn't. I also need to buy more GE.

What next?

Now that I have three stocks paying dividends each in different month, I need to start thinking about the next ones. ETF's paying dividends every month are nice, but I don't want to rely on them entirely. The picking list is still valid (although it's not entirely up to date anymore) and at the moment at least Pepsi, J&J and Coach are really interesting. This is more of plan for next year, but I like to think and plan things before hand. And it would be great if one of those could be bought before the year changes.