In Pursuit for Monthly Dividend Income

This is the first blog post of this blog, so here's some background information about me as an investor and the current portfolio.

History About Me

I started saving with 50 euros per month in stock funds in 2008. It wasn't much and was more of a test. 2010 I started thinking about buying stocks and read more about investing. Expenses in funds was something I thought I don't want to pay. The risk is the same if I just buy enough stocks, so why should I pay for the extra management?

2010 through 2012 I bought among others General Electric (GE), Luis Vuitton Möet Hennessy (LVMH) and Realty Income (O).

2013 I sold them all, payed an old debt and started from scratch.


My first goal is to save and invest so that I'm getting extra income at least 200 euros per month. Solid and evenly monthly dividend income is what I'm seeking.

Current Portfolio


StockAmount owned
Alma Media (ALN1V)507
Realty Income (O)57
Procter & Gamble (PG)11
Market value 5498.49 dollars

Dividends from June were 10,42 from Realty Income so we're quite in the beginning.