Moved to Interactive Brokers

I now have sold all stocks from Degiro and almost all from Nordnet. I have an account open at Interactive Brokers and have tried to buy a few stocks.

Opening the account

Opening the account was somewhat the same as it was with Degiro. Filled a lot of pages, scanned a few documents and it was done. Transferring the money is also done the same way.

IB compared to Degiro

I didn't have any expectations, so having made a few buys, I'm actually quite happy now. IB tells you things about your buys which Degiro doesn't. For example I bought GSK, which I had with Degiro too, and immediately I had an info message on the screen that I bought an ADR and there are fees to be considered with it (0.01-0.03$ per stock per dividend). Not IB fees but the bank which is offering the ADR. Degiro didn't tell anything about these.

Current portfolio

I'll update the portfolio page when I get everything back in order. I will buy stocks more at the end of this month and in start of April.

At the moment the situation is as follows, Alma Media still at Nordnet, others at IB.

Alma MediaALN1V540
Realty Income CorporationO50
Procter & GamblePG14
General Electric CompanyGE20
American Electric Power CompanyAEP8
Exxon MobileXOM5
Abbott LaboratoriesABT7
Kinder MorganKMI20
Medtronic plcMDT4
Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyBMY6
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ4
Thomson ReutersTRI10
Automatic Data ProcessingADP5