Moving from Degiro to Interactive Brokers

I've been looking up to Interactive Brokers (IB) and Lynx Broker for Four years or so. Even before Degiro came to Finland to offer their services. This week I opened an account at IB.


Lynx Broker is more expensive than Interactive Brokers if I continue investing like I do. Small amounts of money every month. US stocks cost 5$ per transaction with Lynx Brokers and 1$ with IB. Yes, IB costs 10$ every month but still, if I make 3 small transactions every month, IB is cheaper. Also changing currency is cheaper at IB.

Why not Degiro

I've probably been reading too much amsterdamtrader, but I have had some of the concerns from the beginning. What happens if HiQ goes bankrupt? I haven't found an answer to that. Also the 2,5€/stock exchange fee did come from no where for a lot of people. I do think the brokerage fees are overly priced overall and competition is welcome, I do hope Degiro keeps prices low and they still can make it a success.