New stock broker

There is a new stock broker available and of course I had to try it. Last Thursday night I transferred 100 euros to Degiro. It took until today (a little over 2 days) to get the account open. A little slow, but so am I.


Degiro offers quite low prices. For example 0,50 € + USD 0,004 per stock from US stocks or € 2,00 + 0,02 % from ETFs.

As a test I bought one stock of Coach and one ETF of SPHD. Costs were exactly as advertised.

What next?

It seems I'm going to make all new purchases from Degiro. Their site looks good, it works and I can make a lot smaller buys than with current broker. Basically I can buy stocks every month instead of waiting 6 or more months each time.

What am I going to do with the stocks at the current broker? Because of sell and buy costs it might not be a bad idea at all to use two brokers. The risk (if any) is smaller and I can use which ever I at that moment want.

How does the Degiro site look like?

Sorry, the language in the picture is in Finnish, I couldn't change it to english.
degiro stock broker

Looks nice and clear to me :)