Saving more money

After the summer vacation, I'm again thinking more and more about my portfolio and about investing.


We're in the beginning, so it's quite hard to get so much money monthly that it would be wise to buy more. Later on, I'm hoping monthly dividends will help.

My current expences aren't so cheap. Buying US stocks costs a bit over 15 dollars per transaction (There are sales now and then, I bought P&G from one).

There are cheaper options too. For example Interactive Brokers (IB) would cost me only 10 dollars per month and it includes plenty of transactions. That would certainly enable me to diversify my portfolio in addition to being cheaper. But IB demands 10k$ to their account when starting. Don't have that yet. I'm also not buying stocks every month yet.

Basically I'm trying to save at least 1000$ before buying any one stock and preferrably 1500$. Maybe less with first five or six stock and more from then on. In the long run, I'm hoping to keep the costs below 1%.