The beginning of year 2016

What a start for a year it has been. It seems there is going to be an interesting year ahead. Lot's of uncertainty and share prices going up and down. When the portfolio size has been growing, of course the daily ups and downs haven been going upward too.

Kinder Morgan cut its dividend

Kinder Morgan has been sharing too much dividend and it had to cut it. After thinking about for a while I decided I am not going to do anything about it now. If KMI is in a more healthy shape in the future, nothing stops it to return to a long growing dividend path. But if anything after this doesn't go as I would like it to, I will sell it no matter what kind of loss.

This dividend cut makes it more difficult for me to get to my monthly dividend pay to 50 dollars by end of the year.

Few buys

I added 3 stocks BMY, 1 stock JNJ and 1 stock ADP. Each one paying dividend in different months.